Bioenergetics Services

I currently offer the following packages. All scans are done remotely and results are received within two to five business days. I recommend starting with the FULL package as this will offer you the best tools and consultation time to make the most of your program. Once you have a good handle on the program and how it works you are welcome to move to the DIY package if that better suits your needs. All packages include 5 infoceuticals shipped to your home free. There are no hidden fees or additional expenses related to this program.

Bioenergetic Scan & Infoceutiocals

DIY Scan
The Essentials
Perfect for limited budgets or those who have a good understanding of Bioenergetics.
Remote Scan
Minimal Report
Full Wellness Portal Access
Limited Scan Result Screen Access
Five Infoceuticals
Free Shipping
Limited Email Support
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