Your Customized Wellness Remedies

Unique access to customized wellness. You are a unique individual with a unique life experience. Your wellness program should be specific to your current individual needs and updated regularly to follow you as you regain your energy and expand. I offer three tools to help you correct Body-Field imbalances. All of the following tools are mean to offer corrective frequencies to the Body-Field. They use different methods of delivery, you can use one, two, or all three. Specific tools will have specific advantages which I will share with you on this page. All of these tools are used in combination with your Body-Field Bioenergetic scan. This is the most relevant, accurate and precise approach to wellness I have ever seen.


Your daily source of corrective frequencies in a bottle. These are liquid remedies programmed with specific frequencies required to support the Body-Field in its communication with specific organs or systems. The DIY and FULL scan packages include five infoceutical recommendations. These are selected based on your Bioenergetic scan and selected to best support your journey to wellness. Read more about Infoceuticals.

Personalized Sound Therapy Guided Meditation

Music-based therapy has become mainstream. Specific notes, frequencies, and arrangements are knowns to resonate with specific parts of the body. NES Health is taking sound therapy further by offering personalized guided meditations with affirmations and music imprinted with specific frequencies your Body-Field needs most to heal and thrive right now. These supportive frequencies are not picked at random, they are put together based on the results of your Bioenergetic scan – you can’t get more specific or personal than that! Read more about personalized imprinted meditations.

MiHealth – Healing & Supportive Frequencies anywhere, anytime

MiHealth is one of those tools that you simply can’t imagine living without it once you have it. I’ll go into more detail on the MiHealth page but here are the cliff notes: MiHealth is a handheld device that can be used to support anyone in your family, including your pets. Your MiHealth device can be used on-body, working on a specific area or it can be set to “broadcast mode” sending a broader signal which envelops your full body. Contrary to other handheld devices, MiHealth sends signals to the body and listens to the body’s reply. It can adjust its frequencies accordingly and signal when a blockage has been cleared. More details are available soon.