What is in your Bioenergetic Scan

Curious about what your Bioenergetic scan will reveal? Your Bioenergetic scan results are categorized into eight categories. Let’s take a look at them together.

Source Screen

Much of our scan looks at your own, individual Body-Field. Your internal processes. But first, we have to remember that we’re interacting with a larger world, and our field is affected and influenced by those interactions.

For example, we eat food and take in oxygen from our world. We also take in heat and light. We fall asleep and wake up partly in response to the environment. We move about in this world, and this movement actually helps to power our own field while also bringing us into constantly new environments with new interactions. And last but not least, we are surrounded by all sorts of fields … some generated by human devices, but some generated by the Earth itself.

Source screen looks at our Body-Field in regards to food, hydration, movement, night and day energy as well as our alignment with the earth’s large fields.

Energetic Drivers – Strength Screen

The Strength screen looks at how well the Body-Field is powered. This power is necessary to fuel the flow of information through the body. The Energetic Driver fields on this screen (and the Infoceuticals that support them) are bioenergetically matched to organs, cells, and processes in the body.

Energetic Integrators – Flow Screen

The Flow screen looks at how well operational information is flowing in the body, or how well its communication system is working to direct the everyday functions of the body.

NES research has been able to determine which parts of the body speak best with one another. In doing so, they largely confirmed the historic knowledge of the Chinese meridians. NES doesn’t see these meridians as a movement of energy, but a movement of information, or as a communication system. In turn, this communication system guides the movement of energy throughout the body, which means it guides all the chemical actions in the body as well.

The Flow screen focuses on 12 Integrators/Meridians.

Energetic Terrains – Energetic Immunity Screen

Energetic Terrains are an important part of the informational foundation of the immune system. What we might call the backbone of our energetic immunity. When we assess Energetic Terrains, we’re looking at the need for a healing response in certain tissues, organs, or systems. If the scan shows a high priority (purple) reading for a particular Terrain, this indicates the need for healing information in the related areas. The Energetic Terrain Infoceuticals support the
body-field in providing this information.

NES research has shown bioenergetic matches between specific tissues and microbes (e.g., viruses, bacteria, fungi, etc.), meaning that specific microbes tend to live or thrive only in specific areas of the body. Having a weak terrain means a possible open door to those microbes. A high priority in a Terrain does not necessarily indicate the presence of a microbe. It could indicate that the energy signature of a pathogen is present even though it is not physically in the body. NES has found that the energy signature of a pathogen is enough to trigger an immune response and stress our system. Correcting these signatures and strengthening our Terrains helps to boost our immune system and increase our overall energy levels.

The Energetic Immunity screen focuses on 16 Terrains.

Mind-Body Screen

The mind is the part of us that represents awareness and has two fundamental aspects:

The part we rely on in our day to day activities associated with thoughts, intellect, reasoning, beliefs, values, memories, conditional emotions. This is the dominant part in most people and conditions how we act and behave.

The second aspect only reveals itself when the conditional mind is quiet. This part is associated with intuition, will, creativity, collective consciousness, being in the ‘now’, unconditional emotions, inner guidance, spiritual connection. This is the unconditional, trusting part of the mind that accepts us for who we are and provides the inner nourishment of love.

According to NES theory the mind resides in the fluid matrix aspect of the Human Body-Field. The fluid matrix is a superconductive, interconnecting matrix that is formed from connective tissues of the body.

The Mind-Body screen provides deep insight into energetic trauma signatures that are affecting your Body-Field. These signatures can be found in specific parts of the brain-field and have a direct effect on the physical body. Trauma signatures are categorized into four types: Survival & Family – Self-Devaluation – Attacks on our Integrity – Territory & Seperation.

Environment Screen *

This screen reports on the body’s ability to deal with the impact of environmental factors. The NES screening process detects functional damage to the body field related to specific and general groups of environmental toxins. It does not indicate that the physical toxins are present but that the energetic damage associated with toxins are present. Indicated readings against environmental issues on this screen can mean 1 of 4 things:

  • The body’s ability to deal with the indicated toxin is compromised.
  • The physical toxin may be present.
  • The physical toxin may have left the body but the energetic damage remains.
  • The toxin may never have been present but in some way the associated damage to the body field has resulted.

Damage to the body field by environmental factor can severely disrupt the functions of the Energetic Drivers and Energetic Integrators and thus the regulation and functions of the physical body. By correcting the energetic damage the body field can operate correctly and the physical body will respond. If the physical toxins are present, by correcting the energetic distortions, the toxins are exposed and tend to be excreted from the body.

Nutrition Screen *

This screen reports on the functional integrity of the Body-Field in relation to the absorption, regulation and metabolism of nutrients. This screen does not directly indicate nutritional level issues; it indicates the body’s functional ability to assimilate, manage and use nutrients effectively.

Vitamins, minerals and other nutrients are fundamental requirements for the body to function. Optimum health requires that nutrients are managed correctly. Through the use of the NES Infoceuticals and correction of the Body-Field the body can begin to utilise the nutrients it gains from food in the proper way, correcting nutritional issues.

Correcting nutritional issues can be addressed through a number of approaches.

The removal of environmental toxins from your body will aid nutritional uptake. All the NES Infoceuticals are designed to help remove toxins from the body.

If nutritional supplements are being used then taking ESR at night followed by the supplements can increase absorption of these nutrients. This is because the body’s absorption rate increases whilst asleep and not under stress.

Life Journey Screen *

This is actually a series of screens that provide a deeper look into our emotions, beliefs as well as areas within our personal development that may require some attention. The Hero’s Journey and Life Purpose screens are fascinating and a lot of time can be spent contemplating the descriptions of your priorities and seeing in which way this information can support you into further expansion.

*These screens are only available in the FULL Scan package