Personalized Healing Meditation

Have you ever had a sound bath? A musical experience where a trained practitioner uses one or several traditional instruments to create overlapping waves of sound and frequency. These experiences tend to lead to deep relaxation and a feeling of rejuvenation as the Body-Field is wrapped in supportive frequencies.

NES Health now offers leading-edge Personalized Healing Meditations based on your Bioenergetic scan. Your unique sound therapy track is imprinted with binaural beats and specific frequencies designed to help you release and correct your highest priority trauma and conflict patterns. Your Mind-Body screen will show you in great detail what trauma patterns in your Body-Field are needing attention and support right now.

These deep mind-body trauma signatures are in most cases the underlying cause behind most of our physical imbalances.

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What are the benefits of Sound Therapy?

Traditional Sound Therapy provides powerful stress relief. Stress relief in itself allows for improved mood, better focus, decreased anxiety, improved digestion, and stronger immunity. Your personalized imprinted meditation goes much further by adding frequencies designed to help you release your specific trauma patterns. This is the most precise and personalized sound therapy possible to date.

I have been doing trauma release work for years. I have never experienced such a profound feeling of peace. I feel like a cloud has been lifted. I can’t get over how powerful this is!

Early adopter – feedback after her first time listening to her personalized imprinted healing meditation.

How is this different than other imprinted music?

The uniqueness comes from the fact that the frequencies added into the music are personal to you and based on the results of your Bioenergetic scan. This is as personal and as specific as it gets! You get to enjoy a sound healing session specifically geared towards your exact Body-Field needs. Each Bioenergetic scan will offer a modified version of your meditation track adjusted to where you are and what you need at that moment.

How often can I get a new personalized meditation?

The shortest amount of time between personalized imprinted meditations (between two bioenergetic scans) is seven days. I recommend scanning every month or every two weeks if you would like more intensive support. You can choose a Monthly or Bi-Monthly Sound Therapy Subscription.

How often should I listen to my imprinted meditation?

You can listen to your personalized imprinted meditation daily. Keep in mind that these are deeply supportive frequencies so listen in a quiet place where you can relax and will not be interrupted. You may want to allow some time for integration after listening to your personalized music. This goes without saying but do not listen while driving or operating heavy machinery.