Infoceuticals: Essential Wellness Information in a bottle

Infoceuticals are leading-edge technology that contain very precise sets of frequencies (or information) designed to correct imbalances in our Body-Field. Designed to be taken at home in an ongoing daily protocol, Infoceuticals allow you to charge the body’s energy field and help turn on the body’s self-repair system

Decoding Wellness Infoceuticals

A healthy body requires both energy and clear communication channels. In addition to increasing our energy levels, Infoceuticals also improve communication between systems within the Body-Field. Infoceuticals contain filtered water and micro-minerals. They are imprinted with specially modulated photons under a high-voltage electrostatic charge (10,000 volts). This makes them incredibly stable and allows them to go through airport x-ray machines without being affected.

Your program is composed of five carefully selected Infoceuticals based on your Bioenergetic Body-Field scan results. We are not chasing symptoms, but rather listening to your body’s current needs.

Supporting Wellness

Often times people find little change when using herbs, specific diets, or alternative therapies. This is often a function of compromised absorption or distorted information.

We find that before the body can optimally respond to conventional or alternative healing therapies, we must first work on its ability to absorb and use the nutritional, energetic, or allopathic remedies it receives.

Because Infoceuticals support the body in restoring its own best state of functioning, we find that they help you get better and faster results from the other therapies you might be taking part in. Infoceuticals are easy to take. Just add the recommended number of drops to a small glass of water and drink once a day.

Infoceuticals fall into the following categories:

Energetic Drivers

These are designed to support the strength of your body-field so that it can drive communication and the correct movement of energy in the body. They correlate to major organs and systems that power the overall body-field and may need correction for doing so.

Energetic Integrators

These are designed to support the information pathways of the body for better communication and improved efficiency. Each Integrator correlates with several major organs, tissues, and systems in terms of how they should communicate and supports this critical process.


These are designed to help the body process unresolved emotions caused by stress and trauma. These emotions block the free flow of energy and information, and need to be cleared out of the body-field for healthy body function.

Energetic Terrains

These are designed to support the information pathways associated with the body’s healing processes. When this information is compromised, the body may fail to heal or may cause additional problems when trying to heal itself.

Energetic Stars

These are combinations of other “information sets” designed for deeper, more targeted support of different functions throughout the body-field.

Other Infoceuticals

Lastly, one set of Infoceuticals is designed to optimize the relationship between a person and the planet, including alignment with Earth fields and the day/night cycle.